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‘I choose to be happy’

I don't know about anybody else, but when I was in the height of my depression, I would see different memes or quotes or blogs with this statement and just think 'urgh'. I can't just CHOOSE to be happy. Clearly you've never had depression. Obviously if I could CHOOSE to be happy I would.  Etc… Continue reading ‘I choose to be happy’

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Pinch punch first of the month..

So..first of, where oh where has this year gone? AUGUST I tell you AUGUST! At the beginning of the year I set about some my non surprise I haven't  really worked towards any of them..I have however, been busy doing lots of other stuff non goal related. I have decided though that going forward I… Continue reading Pinch punch first of the month..

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Guiltless walking..

Hi hey hello howdy. I took myself out and it was brilliant..high five for life. Here are some cute photos I took to show my enjoyment to you all lol I'm moving next week so it was really nice to actually take some of it in before I go. "While I was gone, lilacs bloomed… Continue reading Guiltless walking..

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365 days of change..

TW: Suicide, depression, mental health, domestic violence, child abuse, substance misuse. The 19th of July 2016 is a day of great significance and today, one year on - I am managing triggers and channeling (or attempting to) to a place when I have the control. Last year on this day I graduated from university and… Continue reading 365 days of change..

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What makes us successful?

TW: Suicide, mental health, anxiety, abuse. Ah..success. This is a word I try and avoid using,  but have only just noticed that I have in fact, been avoiding it. On paper, success is being wealthy, or being at the top of your career, having luxury holidays and buying the latest mod-cons (I never thought I'd… Continue reading What makes us successful?